CESP high-quality explosion-proof led luminaires can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including class I division 1 & 2, class II division 1 &2 hazardous location, zone 1 & 21 group A, B, C, D. 


Explosion-proof cold storage is a special cold storage. It is suitable for storing refrigeration equipment

Do you know what’s the notice in gas boiler explosion-proof lighting and other Explosion-proof equipment design?

The goal of the metallurgical industry lighting is to absolutely ensure that metallurgical work can have absolutely good visibility.

The coking plant is generally composed of a coal preparation plant, a coking plant, a recycling plant, 

The gas station is a highly standardized place. Because of the explosion hazard and toxicity of motor fuel,

Offshore drilling platforms are important production bases for petroleum products and natural gas.

The main production areas of the Oil Field United Station are pump rooms, valve rooms, metering rooms, drug-adding rooms, 

The coal mine is a special lighting place with no natural light exposure, and downhole work is more dependent on lighting. 

As the production base for crude oil cracking, chemical plants are mostly explosion-proof areas in Zone 1 and Zone 2. From heavy

The aviation base is an important national base. The rocket fuel plus liquid hydrogen and booster workshop is an area that..