Dust explosion means that Flammable Dust meets the heat source (open flame or high temperature) within the limits of explosion, and the flame spreads instantaneously throughout the entire mixed dust space. The chemical reaction speed is extremely fast. At the same time, a large amount of heat is released, forming a very high temperature and very With great pressure, the system's energy is converted into mechanical energy and light and heat radiation, and it has a strong destructive power.

Dust explosion is accompanied by aluminum powder, zinc powder, aluminum processing powder, various plastic powders, intermediates for organic synthetic drugs, wheat flour, sugar, sawdust, dyes, bakelite ash, milk powder, tea powder, tobacco powder, coal Dust, plant fiber dust and other production and processing sites.

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Some Flammable Dust of HAZARDOUS LOCATION CLASS II  for Reference.

Flammable dust

Existing Location

Pulverized coal

Coal mine

Metallic mercury mine


Elemental metals: potassium, sodium, magnesium

Chemical plant

Iron powder and carbon-containing metal dust

Mechanical processing factory, fireworks fireworks factory

Mine (mining surface)


Arms Explosive

Military factory

Store metal strips

Electroplating factory

Mineral powder

Spray paint factory


Rubber factory


Welding electrode processing plant

Food additive production plant

Egg powder, glucose powder factory

Sodium glutamate

MSG factory


Chemical plant


Chemical plant

Some Flammable Dust (Fibers) of HAZARDOUS LOCATION CLASS III  for Reference.

Flammable dust

Existing Location


Flour mill

Starch dust

Pharmaceutical factory, starch factory

Proteins &  Icing sugar

Food processing plants

Corn flour

Food processing factory

Cotton fiber

Spinning mill FACTORY

Hemp fiber

Textile factory

Mixed fiber

Non-woven processing plant

Wood pellet

Wood processing plant