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Shenzhen CESP Co., Ltd ( CESP ) was established on August 29, 2007,
with Register Capital of 50 Millions RMB, and R&D center has an international UL-authorized witness laboratory 

In 2020, due to the spread of the new COVID-19, the global economy has been greatly affected. At that time, we joined the investment in research and development, developed and expanded a variety of explosion-proof lighting products, mobile explosion-proof lighting, explosion proof Explosion-proof electrical, plant lighting products and industrial lighting products.

Currently, these products are already online!!!

We provide customers with quality-guaranteed products and worry-free after-sales service. All products are guaranteed for 5 years.

Explosion proof lights
Explosion proof LED Light
Hazardous Location Lighting


R&D Center

There are more than 20 senior engineers in our R&D center, including professional explosion-proof structural engineers, explosion-proof electrical engineers, software engineers, lighting design engineers, international explosion-proof certification engineers, etc. Annual R&D cost takes ten percent of the turnover in our company on average. We have been cooperating closely with the labs of domestic 211/985 universities. Furthermore, we own our private intellectual property and get more than 100 of patents for the related technique.

Hazardous location lighting manufacturer
Hazardous location lighting supplier
Hazardous location lighting factory


OEM & ODM Ability

We provide free technical services, technical training, and can save about 10%~30% cost optimization for our customer, only takes 10 days for product design solution,15 days for dummy samples. We have provided product development services for many international companies

emergency explosion proof led drop light
technology of explosion-proof light discussion


CESP Production Base

We own Office Area of 2000 M 2 , Manufacturing Facility of 18036 M 2 , now 200+ employees, quickly meet our customers' order quickly delivery needs.


LED Explosion proof Flood Light

LED Explosion Proof  Flood Light

CES-J Series

explosion proof linear light

Hazardous Area Linear Light


flameproof led light

Flameproof LED High Bay Light


explosion proof LED high bay

Explosion Proof LED High Bay


portable explosion proof lamp

Zone 1 & Class 1 Div 2 LED Hand Lamp


portable explosion proof lamp

Warehouse of Semi-finished products



TStandard & Certificate

All CESP Explosion proof lighting products are designed in strict accordance with national standards ISO9001, and North American UL844, EU ATEX, International IECEX, China CNEX explosion-proof certification standards. Industry lighting and grow lighting obtain UL, CE, Rohs, SAA certification.
explosion proof certificate


Company Milestone

2007 -  Established.

2008 - The invention of the energy efficiency service system for electric equipment was patented.

2009 - Developed the first die-cast street lamp in the industry.

2010 - A number of industrial lighting products and obtained patents.

  - As one of the ten most innovative companies by Aladdin.

2011 - Designed the first explosion-proof lighting fixture in the industry smart city lighting control system, which was rated as a technology innovation enterprise by shenzhen municipal government.

2012 - CESP broke through the difficulties of light color conversion materials, invented composite materials and manufacturing technique for led blue light conversion to white light, and obtained invention patents.

  - ISO9001 quality system & ISO14001 environment system certification.

2013 - Necame CNPC'S & CNOOC'S approved supplier.

2014 - CESP obtained ATEX professional certificate for hazardous location lights.

  - Lighting energy efficiency monitoring system was invented.

2015 - The company changed its shareholding, and the equity escrow joint stock exchange.

  - Explosion-proof lighting products obtained ul844 explosion-proof certification and three military utility model patents.

  - the UL witness laboratory with self-testing product standards was established.

2016 -  CESP became the top 100 medium, small and micro innovation companies in longhua district of shenzhen, and won ces-t-saa certification. At the same time, cesp won outstanding enterprise title in the 5th china innovation and entrepreneurship competition about new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection industry finals.

2017 - CESP obtained qualifications for the quality management system of weapons and equipment.

2018 - A searchlight with night vision was developed, and infrared imaging detected led deep ultraviolet communication equipment.

  - All products were independently patented.

2019 - Several series of new explosion-proof lighting fixtures was developing.

2020 - 2021 New explosion-proof lighting obtained explosion-proof certificates

  - The first class 1 division 1 led hand lamp in the world by CSA issued.

  - Expanded the explosion proof electrical, industrial lighting and grow lighting product line.





Company Culture


Adhering to high quality and innovative design concepts, we are determined to become a globally influential enterprise.
Our existence is to make people's lives more happy, comfortable, safe, contribute to the development and progress
of human innovation, and create value for society.


Professional, Innovation, Benevolence, Win-Win


Courage To Create, Never Forget The Fundamental, Industrial Rejuvenation,
Would Rather Lose Money, Never Lose Credibility, Treat People Sincerely And Frankly, Work Hard.


Pragmatic, Enterprising, Innovative, Honesty


Both Ability And Political Integrity, Like-Minded


The Spirit Of The Nail Can Withstand The Constant Drilling, And Is Good At Breaking Through The Self-Stopping Squeeze.



Company Vision


We will always pursue high-quality and innovative design, improve the status and image of Chinese companies and
products in the world, become a long-lasting company and become a company with a certain influence in the world.



We are full of passion, hard work, constantly self-transcendence, to make products and services perfect.

We continue to innovate, listen to different opinions with a broad mind, get rid of the old and bring forth the new, pursue superlative perfection to do better

We have our own core technology.

We attract talents from all over the world, we will have better income, better ability display space and development platform.

We will be respected and worshipped by people, we have a strong sense of social responsibility, to contribute to the development of society.

The world is beautiful because of us, and the world is more harmonious because of our products.