Coking Plant Industry Lighting Solution

The coking plant is generally composed of a coal preparation plant, a coking plant, a recycling plant, 

a tar processing plant, a benzene processing plant, a desulfurization plant, and a waste water treatment plant.

Coking plant basement, high temperature, average annual temperature of 20-25 °C, slight vibration, dust, but not strong, daily build sanitation, there will be dust flying phenomenon, to maintain lighting.

coking plant lighting



Metallurgical industry lighting solutions must consider reducing the safety issues in the metallurgical industry due to lighting in all regions and each worker safe, improve the productivity, and reduce the probability of accidents.

Delayed coking is the secondary processing of petroleum coke, gasoline, diesel oil, wax oil, and gas by thermal destruction of residual oil under high temperature conditions. The coking process is a comprehensive process of thermal decomposition and condensation. The device belongs to high temperature (up to a maximum temperature of 1000°C, medium temperature up to 500°C), high pressure (maximum pressure up to 3.8MPa), flammable and explosive devices. The raw materials used in the device are atmospheric and vacuum decompressed residual oils, the auto-ignition temperature is 230-240°C, and the operating temperature of the device is more than 300°C. Once the leakage is easy to occur, the dry gas produced and the boiling point and flash point of gasoline are produced. They are very low and can form explosive mixtures with air. Their explosion limits are 1.5% to 15% (V/V) and 1.4% to 7.6% (V/V), respectively. At the same time, because the autoignition point of diesel and wax oils of their products are all lower than the operating temperature of the device, fire is easily occurred and there is a great danger.

coking industry lighting

Leakage is a common cause of flammable (explosive) mixtures. Leakage of flammable gases, flammable liquids, and liquids whose temperature exceeds the flash point will produce a flammable (explosive) mixture in the leaked area or on the leaked liquid surface.

Many facilities of coking plants are equipped with discharge pipes, equipment for processing or storing flammable and flammable materials, or storage tanks. The gas (gas) bodies released by the discharge pipes are themselves flammable (explosive) mixtures, or they are released from the air. Mix into a combustible (explosive) mixture.

coking led lighting soluitonTherefore, coke plant as a CLASS I hazardous locanti, all fire and explosion protection measures are to prevent the production of flammable (explosive) mixtures or prevent the generation and isolation of sufficient strength of the activation energy, in order to avoid the ignition of combustible mixture combustion, explosion.

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