Heavy Duty Recharge LED Work Light

Item NO.: CES-EX-FL-6116

CES-EX-FL-6116 LED work light is suitable for small-scale maintenance and construction lighting in railway public works, electricity, power supply, transportation and other places. It is also suitable for small-scale emergency lighting in power grid, public security, firefighting and other industries.

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heavy duty led work lights
heavy duty rechargeable led work light


  • Security & Reliability: Small size, light weight, can be carried on hand or the back. The recharge led work light can also be installed with rail wheels to facilitate users to move on the railway monorail.
  • Scientific light distribution: The FL-6116 heavy duty led work light cap consists of light distribution lens, heat dissipation casing, light source panel and other components. The light source panel adopts high luminous efficiency LED light source, which has high lighting brightness, large coverage and long service life.
  • Height adjustment capability:The lamp adopts four length adjustable and extendable rods for height adjustment. The maximum lifting height is 1.5m. The lamp cap can rotate horizontally at a certain angle (0-340 °) or turn vertically at a certain angle (0-160 °) to meet the client's lighting requirements.
  • Security & Reliability:The lamps are made of various high-quality materials, with compact structure, stable quality and reliable performance, it can work satisfactorily under harsh environment and climate conditions.
  • Long operating duration:It adopts high-capacity high-energy lithium battery. With low self-discharge rate, a fully charged battery can meet the lighting needs of 8 hours. It also has the function of over discharge and short circuit protection, which is safe and reliable.
  • Diverse functions: this heavy duty work light have various functions and are user friendly. It integrates the functions of spotlighting/floodlighting, power display, electrodeless dimming, signal warning and so on to meet the needs of users in different environments. It adopts standard USB charging ports to charge most mobile phones and other digital products, so as to solve the problem that users can't use mobile phones or other digital products when they run out of power during outdoor operations.
  • Easy to charge: The lamp can be charged through the lithium battery charger (input AC220V, output dc21.6v / 2.8A) equipped with the lamp, which can meet long hours of lighting demand.



  • Rated voltage: DC 22.2 V
  • Rated capacity: 13000 mAh
  • Rated Power: 35W
  • Battery battery life: (Rechargeable Times)≥500
  • Charging time: Fasting charging (optional configuration) ≥6 hours
  • Battery type: polymer battery

LED Light Source

  • Illumination Modes: Spotlight/Floodlight
  • Average service life: 100000 hours
  • Continuous Illumination Hours: ≥8 hours
  • Color temperature: 3000±300K, 5700±400K
  • Warning Light Colors: Red/Yellow


  • Gear: 3-step, two-color (white/red)
  • Drop protection: 1 Meter
  • Ambient Temperature (AT):-20℃~+40℃
  • Relative Humidity (RH):≤95RH(AT @ 25℃)
  • Dimensions: 510×290×220mm ((Unfolded), 510×290×1500(Unfolded)
  • Weight: 8KG
  • Protection Level: IP65(Lamp Head), IP54(lamp body)
  • Ex Markings: Pending


Operation Instructions

1. Before use, Insert the plug of the lamp's pairing charger into the charging hole at the tail of the lamp to charge the lamp. While charging, the indicator light is red. When fully charged, the indicator light turns green. The charger has a built-in charging protection device. If the charger is connected to the power supply and not charging, the indicator light will be shown as green.
2. After the lamp is placed evenly, lift the lifting rod to the vertical state, then hold the positioning collar of the lifting rod and rotate it clockwise by about 180 °, and then lift the lifting rod section by section from top to bottom according to desired height for illumination. After lifting each lifting rod in place, press and fasten the corresponding wrench.
3. After the height of the lamp cap is adjusted, press the power button on the control module panel to turn on the lighting mode (default state: spotlight + floodlight are turned on at the same time), then adjust the irradiation angle and direction of the lamp cap as needed.
4. While operating the FL-6116 heavy duty LED recharge work light, the spotlight or the floodlight mode can be selected through the buttons on the control module panel as needed. At the same time, electrodeless dimming can be conducted by adjusting the up and down buttons to meet the user's needs in different environments. The number on the display screen is the remaining lighting time of the lamp.
5. There is a DC port and USB port on the charger. The DC port is used for charging the lamp battery, and the USB port is used for charging mobile phones or digital products, as long as the USB socket is connected in place;
6. After use, lower the lifting rod section by section from bottom to top and fasten the wrench, rotate the lamp cap until the light emitting surface is perpendicular to the lifting rod, then hold the positioning collar of the lifting rod by hand, rotate it about 180 degrees counterclockwise, and then gently lift the rotating gland of the lifting rod, so that the rotating gland of the lifting rod disengages from the rotating base of the lifting rod, and then gently tilt the lifting rod to the horizontal state, clip the lifting rod into the lifting rod buckle, and press the power button to turn off the light.
7. After use, wipe the dirt on the transparent parts and lamps with a soft cloth promptly to keep them clean.
8. When the battery icon on the display screen of the control module starts to flash, it indicates that the power is insufficient and needs to be charged right away.
9. The battery charger has a built-in charging protection device. When the charger is connected to the power supply, the red light will be on. After charging the green light will be on, indicating that the battery is now full.

Special Note

When the FL-6116 heavy duty recharge LED work light is unused for more than 3 months, battery maintenance will be required. To do this, first discharge the battery completely, then recharge it to its full capacity.


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    We are a Black Powder Manufacturing Plant in Louisiana. We need a source of light we can use in our storage magazines. Can you send over the information on portable lights?

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    Required for industrial purpose. please provide contact detail of vendor in india.

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    Unit Price for CES-EX-FL-6116

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    Wondering the pricing on these as I need two.

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