Oil Field United Station Lighting Solution

The main production areas of the Oil Field United Station are pump rooms, valve rooms, metering rooms, drug-adding rooms, water injection rooms, and other areas. These areas are closed environments and there are long-term flammable and explosive gases. 

All electrical appliances used must meet the explosion-proof requirements, and the production area has high lighting requirements. Traditional gas discharge lamps consume large amounts of electricity and suffer from severe light failure, which can easily cause insufficient on-site lighting and affect production operations.

In addition, in addition to the explosion-proof requirements for electrical appliances in the external area of ​​the Oil Field United Station, the external lighting area is very large, the installation height of the lamps is high, the power is large, and the environment is in a wind and rain for a long time.


CESP explosion-proof infield lighting solutions can provide customers with energy-efficient LED lighting products, uniform illumination, low light attenuation, and long life, providing safe, green lighting services for explosion-proof in-field areas.

CESP explosion-proof field lighting solutions not only through professional lighting design, in the optical design, high luminous efficiency, light decay, uniform light, so that the best lighting effects in the field. Second, the use of lamps and lanterns also passed the international explosion-proof certification, shell protection are more th IP65. Long lifespan and long-term maintenance-free help to save cost.