Cold Storage Lighting Design Solution

Cold storage refers to the artificial means to create an environment different from the outdoor temperature or humidity. It is also a constant temperature and humidity storage device for food, liquid, chemicals, medicines, vaccines, scientific experiments and other items. Cold storage is usually located near the shipping port or place of origin. Compared with refrigerators, cold storage has a larger cooling area and a common cooling principle.

Part 1: The composition of cold storage equipment

General cold storage is mostly refrigerated by refrigerator, using liquid (ammonia or freon) with very low temperature gasification as coolant, so that it evaporates under the condition of low pressure and mechanical control, absorbing the heat in the storage, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. The most commonly used is the compression refrigerator, which is mainly composed of compressor, condenser, throttle valve and evaporation tube. According to the way of evaporation tube device, it can be divided into direct cooling and indirect cooling two kinds. Direct cooling The evaporation tube is installed in the refrigerated warehouse. When the liquid coolant passes through the evaporation tube, it directly absorbs the heat in the warehouse and cools down. Indirect cooling is the suction of the air in the warehouse by the blower into the air cooling device, the air is circled in the cooling device in the evaporation tube after heat absorption, and then sent into the warehouse to cool down. The advantages of air cooling are rapid cooling, uniform temperature in the storage, and the harmful gases such as carbon dioxide produced in the storage process can be taken out of the storage.

Part 2: Cold storage lighting use and requirements

The main characteristics of the cold storage is low temperature, large moisture, freezing phenomenon, so the cold storage lamp must also be used according to the standard protection level, but the cold storage lamp because of the special application environment, long-term life is too short, difficult to maintain the high cost of the problem, whether it is the old cold storage, or a lot of new cold storage or the use of low luminous efficiency, short life incandescent lamp or energy-saving lamp as the warehouse lighting.

The Cold Storage Design Specification by the different state has clear provisions for the electrical lighting system of cold storage, the contents are as follows:

Damp proof incandescent lamps with enclosure protection class IP54 and protective cover should be used for lighting in the cold room. The illumination of the cooling room, cold bonding room, refrigerating room, ice storage room and hall should not be less than 20 lx; The illumination of processing room and packaging room should not be less than 50 lx.

The arrangement of lighting fixtures in the cold room should avoid the ceiling type air cooler (air cooler) and the top row pipe, and the key lights should be distributed in the corridor in the warehouse, and the lights can be evenly arranged in the cargo space.

Because the refrigeration system uses ammonia as the refrigerant, and ammonia is toxic and has explosion risk, according to the "Explosion and Cold storage design and Installation Code" provisions, ammonia compression room and equipment room belong to the hazardous location.

cold storage explosion 

Ammonia gas is lighter than air. In the event of an ammonia leakage accident, ammonia gas will accumulate in the upper space of the ammonia compressor room. Therefore, the selection and wiring of lighting fixtures should be designed in accordance with the requirements of relevant regulations in explosion-hazardous areas.

In addition, the cold storage lamp has a good waterproof level and must reach the IP65 waterproof level (that is, it can completely prevent dust from entering, and at the same time has no effect on low-pressure spraying of rain at any angle). Celsius, according to the requirements of electronic components, is an industrial-grade product, and cold storage lights must resist interference in the power grid.

Part 3: Defects in the use of common cold storage lights

In the past, most cold storage lights used incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, ordinary explosion-proof lamps, and so on. Many conventional lights are prone to explosion and damage in some ultra-low temperature emergency storage and quick-freezing storage environment. In addition, the temperature of common lamps is high and the heat is large. Long-term use may corrode the food, cause pollution and endanger the food safety. After the ordinary lamp enters the moisture, the original device will be corroded, and the special products of LED cold storage make a full range of multi-layer sealing treatment on the inside of the lamp.

cold storage lamp 

Ordinary cold storage lamps in cold storage low temperature, wet environment, the general life of the lamp is about 50-60 days, and the overall life of good quality LED cold storage special lights is extended to 3-5 years, greatly improve the life, but also greatly avoid the safety risks caused by wet short circuit.

CESP provide LED cold storage light to many projects, “waterproof”, "dust-proof" and "low temperature resistance". For the hazardous location, it obtained full-certificate such as IECEx ATEX, UL844, CNEx, it allows to be used in dust explosion environment.

Part 4: Cold storage lighting design requirements

For the normal lighting design

  1. illumination design should be 50 ~ 75lx.
  2. Selection of lamps
  3. Ammonia compression room, equipment room lighting should be explosion-proof type.
  4. lighting control switch should choose flameproof type, or centralized installation in the control room.
  5. Installation method of lamps
  6. The height of the machine room is generally more than 6m, and the upper suspension of many process pipes. Therefore, it is recommended to install wall lamps if the width of the equipment room is less than 7m. The width of the equipment room exceeds 10m. Lamps should be suspended from steel cables.
  7. The lighting line should be laid through the steel pipe with copper core insulated wire with a cross section of no less than 1.5mm2. Installation requirements are the same as those for power wiring. Metal protective pipelines are allowed as protective grounding wires for lighting fixtures.


For emergency lighting design

When the normal working lighting power supply of ammonia compression room and equipment room fails and goes out, in order to ensure the safe production and continued operation of cold storage design and installation personnel can carry out necessary operation and disposal of refrigeration equipment and related valves, emergency lighting needs to be set up. The design and installation requirements of cold storage are as follows:

  1. Emergency lighting power supply selection

Emergency lighting power supply and normal working lighting power supply should be connected from different low-voltage distribution loops. When conditions do not permit, the emergency lighting power supply is connected to the main switch of the working lighting power supply. But you can't share a master switch.

When the normal power supply fails, the conversion time to the emergency power supply should not be longer than 15 seconds. When explosion-proof emergency lighting fixtures with storage batteries are used, the continuous power supply time should not be less than 30 minutes.

  1. Selection of lighting fixtures

High intensity gas discharge lamps, such as high pressure mercury lamps and

cold storge lighting 

3ft 4ft Explosion Proof Emergency Light - IECEx ATEX - 1.5 Hours Battery Backup

CES-EX-LN-02P 2ft 4ft Explosion Proof Linear Fixture series features a 90 minute emergency backup battery in 12W designed for hazardous environments where Zone 1 and Zone 2 with explosive gas atmosphere or explosive dust atmosphere may be present.

This battery backup lighting fixtures made of the die-cast aluminum and the PC cover. Good heat, and 6J impact resistance.
Installation: pendant, ceiling, pole or more customized.

Adopt to the high light-efficacy LED source, up to 140lm/W, the CCT is 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K optional, no flicker, no glare.

The electrophoresis technology and the multiple coats of marine anti-corrosion paint, the all the mounting brackets and accessories are made of 316 stainless steel, UL1598A anti-corrosion standard can for marine location.



Part 5: Cold storage lighting selection recommendation

The selection of cold storage lamp is usually based on the power of the lamp, irradiation area, voltage, material, waterproof level, temperature and humidity, and other parameters to choose, no matter how to choose, cold storage lamp must be low temperature resistance, waterproof, dustproof, crack proof, otherwise the life is very short, the common use scenario of cold storage lamp is as follows:


1. Air-cooled suction ceiling cold storage light

Suction ceiling cold storage light is suitable for air cooling cold storage. Generally, small cold storage can be installed at 10-30W. Common shapes are round, oval, rectangular, square, etc.

2. Aluminum row boom cold storage light

The aluminum bank is suitable for the suspender cold storage light. This kind of aluminum bank suspender is 20cm in standard, and the length of the suspender can be customized according to customer requirements. There are three shapes of long, square and round, all of which are 30W.

3. The suction top height penetrates the cold storage light

The transparent cover cold storage lamp has strong penetration, which is suitable for the cold storage with large fog and humidity, especially the medium temperature and low temperature cold storage.

4. Cold storage production room cold storage light

Production room, working table with cold storage lamp, generally there are two kinds of milk white cover and transparent cover, milk white cover is not dazzling, but penetration is not as transparent cover cold storage lamp. This kind of light is sufficient, illuminate wide, full light, cover many corners, low light failure, long life, lamp failure after a few years is significantly less than the ordinary light source.

5. Cold storage floodlight

Cold storage floodlight has super thick glass mask is not easy to damage, high light transmittance uniform light, soft light, high quality die cast aluminum forging, not easy to deformation, spray paint treatment corrosion resistance, equipped with adjustable bracket, according to the demand to adjust the Angle of light. But no matter how you choose, the cold storage lamp must be "low temperature resistant, waterproof, dustproof, crack proof". Explosion-proof lamps in special areas are essential, otherwise it will bring great safety risks.