Explosion proof LED Linear Lighting

Explosion proof LED Linear Light for Zone 1 Zone 21 Hazardous Areas


Model No. CES-EX-LN Series (ATEX / IECEx, Explosion-proof Type: Ex d)

10mm-thick tempered glass + ADC12and 6063 aluminum housing for CES-EX-LN explosion proof led linear light is shock-resistant, anti-vibration, can withstand 7J impact, and is equipped with micro-light elements to reduce direct visual contact with the light source, prevent glare, and replace the old and prone to failure Fluorescent light fixtures.

The electrical components inside the explosion-proof lamps are completely sealed and can work underwater (3 meters, we have a long time of hydraulic testing and heavy pressure testing), and the light source chamber is completely separated from the power supply, which effectively avoids the impact of electric sparks on the electrical components or optical components, resulting in explosions.

The explosion-proof performance is reliable and the special process treatment, suitable for salt water and corrosive environments, a variety of options to choose from, such as emergency, installation, color temperature, length, etc, suitable for harsh environment in Zone 1&21, Zone 2&22.

IECEx ATEX Certified, Zone 1, Ex db op is IIC T5/T6 Gb, Zone 21, Ex tb op is IIC T94°C/T89°C/T84°C - 120W 150W 185W 200W 240W   Applications: • Wastewater…
0.6m Length, Flameproof Type, IECEx ATEX Certificated, Zone 1, Ex db op is IIC T5/T6 Gb, Zone 21, Ex tb op is IIC T94°C/T89°C/T84°C   Applications: • Wastewater treatment,oil and…